Machine Intelligence Laboratory

Cambridge University Department of Engineering

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Past Faculty and Research Staff

Dr Josie Hughes 2018-2021 Dr Luca Scimeca 2017-2021 Dr Alex Kendall 2014-2021 Dr TomᨠVojíř 2018-2020 Dr Fabio Giardina 2018
  • Research Associate
  • Currently a Quantitative Developer at Credit Suisse
Dr Andre Rosendo 2015-2017 Dr Matthew Grimes 2013-2016
  • Research Associate
Dr Ankur Handa 2013-2015 Dr Vijay Badrinarayanan 2009-2015 Dr Damien Eads 2012-2013
  • Research Associate
  • Founder & Chief ML Architect of (Machine Learning start-up)
Dr Fabio Galasso 2009-2011 Dr Tae-Kyun Kim 2007-2010 Professor Tom Drummond 1998-2010 Dr Nanthan Thayananthan 2005-2008
  • Research Associate
  • Currently Portfolio Manager at ExodusPoint Capital Management, LP
Professor Gabriel Brostow 2004-2007
Dr Julien Fauqueur 2004-2007
  • Research Associate
  • Currently AI Research Manager at BenevolentAI
Dr Carlos Hernandez 2004-2006
  • Research Associate
  • Currently an Engineering Manager at Google
Dr Ben Tordoff 2004-2005
  • Research Associate
  • Currently a Senior Consultant Engineer at MathWorks
Dr Marta Wilczkowiak 2004-2005
  • Research Assistant
  • Currently a Principal Science Lead at Microsoft
Professor Paolo Favaro 2004 Dr Bjorn Stenger 2004
  • Research Associate
  • Currently Lead Scientist, Computer Vision & Machine Learning at Rakuten
Professor Simeon Keates 1997-2003
  • Research Fellow
  • Currently Deputy Vice Chancellor at the University of Chichester
Dr Ezio Malis 1998-2000
  • Research Associate
  • Currently Research Director at Institut national de recherche en sciences et technologies du numérique (INRIA)
Professor Edmond Boyer 1996-1998
  • Research Assistant
  • Currently a Research Scientist at Meta Reality Labs
Professor Jun Sato 1996-1998 Robert Dowland 1995-1998
  • Research Assistant
  • Founder of Aoxomoxoa Limited
Professor Nick Pears 1994-1998 Dr Nicholas Hollinghurst 1997
  • Light Blue Optics, Cambridge
Professor Tat-Jen Cham 1996-1997 Dr Gordon Fletcher 1996-1997
  • Researcher
  • Currently Senior Director at Willis Towers Watson
Dr Gabriel Hamid 1995-1996
  • Research Associate
  • Principal Research Engineer at Buhler UK Ltd

Past PhD Graduates

Benjamin Biggs 2021
  • Animal reconstruction with 3D morphable models
Toby Howison 2021
  • Iterative and directed exploration of self-structuring embodied agents
Thomas Roddick 2021
  • Learning birds-eye view representations for autonomous driving
Marvin Teichmann 2020
  • Deep structured multi-task learning for computer vision in autonomous driving
Fabio Giardina 2018
  • On the discretisation of actuation in locomotion: Impulse- and shape-based modelling for hopping robots
Weixun Goh 2018
Josie Hughes 2018
  • Bio-inspired soft robotic systems: Exploiting environmental interactions using embodied mechanics and sensory coordination
Je Hyeong (John) Hong 2018
  • Widening the basin of convergence for the bundle adjustment type of problems in computer vision
Yani Ioannou 2018
  • Structural priors in deep neural networks
Fotios Logothetis 2018
  • Detailed and practical 3D reconstruction with advanced photometric stereo modelling
Jonathan Parker 2017
  • Expressive visual text to speech and expression adaptation using deep neural networks
Sukrit Shankar 2016
Ujwal Bonde 2015
  • Robust object recognition from depth data
Simon Stent 2015
Rob Anderson 2014
  • Building an expressive text driven talking head
Tsz Ho Yu 2013
  • Classification and pose estimation of 3D shapes and human actions
Paul McIlroy 2012
  • Texture ambiguity and occlusion in Live 3D reconstruction
Yu Chen 2012
  • Probabilistic Frameworks for Single View Reconstruction using Shape Priors
Fabio Viola 2011
  • Resolution-independent Image Models
Simon Taylor 2011
  • Fast Object Localisation for Mobile Augmented Reality Applications
Neill Campbell 2010
  • Automatic 3D model acquisition from uncalibrated images
Tom Woodley 2010
  • Visual Tracking using Offline and Online Learning
Fabio Galasso 2009
  • Shape-from-texture: spectral distortion analysis and 3-D reconstruction algorithms
Matthew Johnson 2008
  • Semantic Segmentation and Image Search
Julia Lasserre 2008
  • Hybrids of Generative and Discriminative Methods for Machine Learning
Tae-Kyun Kim 2008
  • Discriminant Analysis of Patterns in Image Sets and Videos
Ramanan Navaratnam 2007
  • Probabilistic Human Body Pose Estimation from Monocular Images
Shu-Fai Wong 2007
  • Motion Recognition for Human-Computer Interfaces
Jamie Shotton 2007
  • Contour and texture for visual recognition of object categories
Ognjen Arandjelovic 2007
  • Face recognition from video
George Vogiatzis 2006
  • Visual estimation of shape, reflectance and illumination
Ollie Williams 2005
  • Bayesian learning for efficient visual inference
Nanthan Arasathanan 2005
  • Template-based pose estimation and tracking of 3D hand motion
Bjorn Stenger 2004
  • Model-based hand tracking using a hierarchical bayesian filter
Martin Weber 2004
  • Curve and surface reconstruction from images and sparse finite element level-sets
Duncan Robertson 2004
  • Recovering geometric models from photographs of architectural scenes
Kenneth Wong 2001
  • Structure and motion from silhouettes
Anthony Dick 2001
  • Modelling and interpretation of architecture from several images
Paul Smith 2001
  • Edge-based motion segmentation
Adrian Broadhurst 2001
  • A probabilistic framework for space carving
Paolo Mendonca 2001
  • Multiview Geometry: Profiles and Self-Calibration
Antranig Basman 1999
  • mage Segmentation
Kin Choong Yow 1998
  • Automatic Human Face Localization
Nick Hollinghurst 1997
  • Uncalibrated stereo and hand-eye coordination
Simeon Keates 1997
  • Computer interaction for motion-impaired users
Jun Sato 1997
  • Group Invariance in the Visual Motion and Matching of Curves
Johnathan Lawn 1996
  • Linear methods for camera motion recovery
Jun Sato 1996
  • Group invariance in the visual motion and matching of curves
Chin Chung Chiu 1996
  • Detection of occluding boundaries in spatiotemporal images
Tat-Jen Cham 1996
  • Geometric representation and grouping of image curves
Mark Wright 1995
  • Skeletonisation using an extended distance transform
Mark Hodgetts 1995
  • Design and implementation of a multiple Views 3D Object recognition system
Sven Vinther 1995
  • Active 3D object recognition using geometric invariants

Past Visitors

Connell Gauld 2010-2011
  • Zappar
Prof Hitoshi Habe 2009-2010
  • Nara Institute of Science and Technology
Giovanni Farinella 2006-2009
  • University of Catania
Prof. Yoshio Iwai 2004-2005
  • Osaka University
Dr Cristina Conde Vilda 2004
  • Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid, Spain
Dr Junqiu Wang 2004
  • National Laboratory of Machine Perception, Beijing University, China
Dr Bjorn Johansson 2001
  • Lund University, Sweden
Dr Yongduek Seo 2000-2001
  • Postec, Korea
Dr Ignazio Infantino 1999-2000
  • University of Palermo
Dr Akira Inoue 1999-2000
  • NEC, Japan
Dr. Graziano Chesi 1999-2000
  • University of Siena, Italy
Prof. In So Kweon 1998-1999
  • KAIST, Korea
Dr Stefan Rahman 1996-1997
  • University of Freiburg, Germany
Prof. Hiroshi Mizoguchi 1995-1996
  • Saitama University, Japan
Prof. Karl Astrom 1994
  • Lund University, Sweden